Digital Fine Art Photography by Roy W. Lohr featuring the people and places of New Mexico

was born in North Florida in 1945. After completing high school and a year of college, I dropped out and moved to Coconut Grove in 1968 where I became involved with Grove House Studio and Gallery. I showed work in a number of sidewalk shows including the now famous Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and the sidewalk show in Fort Lauderdale where I was approached and later represented by DeLigny Art Galleries in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Florida. DeLigny, a noted collector and art dealer, in 1971 enabled me to spend time in Paris, a source of inspiration. I lived in Montmartre, hosted by Gallery Andre Roussard. My early work is strongly influenced by turn of the century fauve tendencies of the French painters, Matisse, Cezanne, and Rouault, by the Cubism of Braque and by the expressive distortion of Picasso.

In 1986 I moved to Santa Fe and showed at the Linda McAdoo Gallery on Canyon Road, and later at the Claiborne Gallery also on Canyon Road. While visiting Taos, I was introduced to Joe Waldrum, a painter of New Mexico churches, and to Robert Ewing, the former director of the Fine Arts Museum of the Museum of New Mexico. Several years later I was invited to join the John Sloan drawing group run by Mr. Ewing in Santa Fe, and was a member of the group until I decided in 1996 to move to Truth or Consequences. Coincidently Joe Waldrum also moved to the same area and opened Rio Bravo Fine Art where I am now represented. Several years ago I discovered digital art and have made many breakthroughs in this new medium.

I am currently working on several projects: A series called Churches in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, inspired by Joe Waldrum who was a long time friend and a new series inspired by the Geronimo Peace Gathering held here in Truth or Consequences. Most recently my work is being shown in Silver City at Elemental Arts, and at Patrician Design in Albuquerque and have an upcoming show in September, at The White Raven Gallery in Las Cruces.  Last year I became a member of the Digital Fine Art Society of New Mexico and have exhibited in three shows sponsored by the society. I became a board member of the Sierra County Arts Council and was recently elected vice president.    

Photo of Roy W. Lohr -- by Joe Waldrum
Photo: Joe Waldrum

Contact information:
Roy W. Lohr
515 Cedar Street
Truth or Consequences, NM  87901
(575) 894-0530
Current exhibitions:

   Roy W. Lohr

Rio Bravo Fine Art
110 East Broadway Avenue
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
(575) 894-0572
Elemental Arts
106 West Yankie
Silver City, NM 88061
(575) 590-7554
Patrician Design
216 Gold Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(575) 242-7646
Upcoming exhibitions:


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